Ride The Tide

So I have been thinking about Kim Kardashian. She is famous, she is super rich, she once had her own TV show or is it still running though, well I don’t know, and yeah she is easily one of the biggest influential person in the entire globe now.

And what ironically awesome about it is that, a sextape started it all. Yea you read it crystal clear, a sextape. So back then, Kim’s sextape with her ex lover leaked to the public and it shocked the sh*t out the internet. While for other women it might be a “well sh*t I’m out of here just f*cking kill me right away” kind of moment, but not for her.

I can pretty much assure that every woman would agree that a leaked sextape is a disaster, traumatizing moment, and it could lead to a dark hallway of depression, it could be the end of their career or cause a chain reaction of problems.

However, such things don’t work that way on Kim, she surprisingly managed to turn the table around and make the best out of that situation. While everyone might say “oh man, it’s over for her”, Kim instead took control of the despicable situation brilliantly, she embraced the shame, the mockery, she managed to surf on top of the tidal wave and eventually emerged victorious I can say. Regardless how controversial she was, I have to admit that the way she handled her despicable situation was very brilliant, I can say that it was clever marketing right there.

Thinking about this, I did some quick research and I found out that Kim was actually not completely a nobody, her family had the wealth and connection to the bigger scene even before all the sextape disaster happened, and yeah we can tell that she already had some kind of privilege even before and was going to be famous anyway. But still, the sextape moment and how Kim handled it was a very brilliant move that jump-started her and her entire family to where they are now. There’s a lesson to learn from this story and yeah I think we could all agree that it was, once again, brilliant.

However, there is actually one more possible lesson from this story.

I have been digging a little more and I found out that there is an unpopular opinion, tends to be conspiracy as well, saying that the sextape was leaked on purpose. Well, come to think of it, this might be true, so let’s call this scenario 2.

Now here’s my opinion. If the sextape was in fact leaked on purpose, it was most likely for clout chasing, to drag people’s attention and to get more engagement. We got to admit that people love drama and controversy, people love to enjoy it, and a combination of both cound be a very good clout chasing agenda to drag public attention. But, if in order to get attention then someone is willing to leak their sextape, I have to say, and maybe you would also agree, that it was extremely perilous, it took so much guts to do so.

I mean, it’s a sextape, it could either going good or bad, the risk is to much for anyone to handle. However, Kim managed to handle the risk and even turned the table around and made it a brilliant move. I can say that not many people can have that much guts to take such risk without knowing exactly where could it led them to. Look at how famous and rich she and her family now.

There’s the lesson number 2 for the second scenario, about how to not being afraid to take risk and how to cleverly handle the situation to get what you want. Kim was willing to bravely risk it all by leaking her sextape and then observed meticulously to find strategic way to ride the tide and  overcome it in order to get to where she is now.

Yeah lesson learned pals, it was hardly believable but it worked brilliantly after all.


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