It’s Okay.

It’s okay to feel sad, to feel down by anything that matters to you but instead making your life miserable sometimes. Love life, social life or even family life, those circles contain people you cherish so much, but sometimes they might hurt you, they might do something you don’t expect them to that it makes you disappointed and feeling sad. We can’t expect people to be perfect because no one can ever be, so when they do you wrong, it’s okay to feel sad. It doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are human.

It’s okay to make mistakes. Just as people might do something wrong to you, you might do otherwise too, and it’s okay. What’s not okay is to keep doing the same mistake over and over intentionally, you should learn from one mistake and avoid doing the same again, and it applies to anything not simply just a mistake done toward other people, but any mistake even done to yourself. To do a mistake and then learn from it, it’s totally okay, that’s humane, and that’s how we do.

It’s okay retreat and take a rest for a moment. Sometimes we face things so overwhelming that it makes us feel weary, our energy drains so much and it feels like nothing’s left, that’s time to step back, retreat yourself for a while and rest, to take a breath and regain your energy before you rise up again and continue living, continue fighting. You are the one who knows yourself best, acknowledge your strength and your weakness, maximize the strength and grasp the weakness so you will know when to keep up and when to step back and breathe for a while. And when you decide to retreat yourself to rest, that is, again, not a sign of being weak, that is simply humane.

It’s okay to let go off people. If you’re trapped in a community of people who often times make you feel judged, belittled, questioning yourself, unsupported etc, you are not in a circle, you are in a cage. Those toxic people are not gonna make you grow, they will instead make you feel bad about yourself and stuck. When you found yourself in one of those, you should start pulling yourself out of it, there no value in staying.

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