Life Today

Corona virus is still a problem, big hella problem. Here in my city, Jakarta, the number of confirmed cases are not really decreasing significantly, rather tends to increase. However, the government has already announced to gradually start to awaken the economic sector by starting a program called “new normal” which I can say is quite a bit of a rush to decide such thing regarding the corona virus doesn’t seem to decrease in a short time ahead. Well I don’t know much about that but just let the government do as they want, after all we do survive on our own don’t we?

It’s been months since I lost my last job and I still pretty much unemployed by today. My savings are running low I really have to be so strict about money to survive this hard time. I have been applying to a lot of job vacancies but none of them actually got me employed, although I have been invited to the interview several times actually. It’s really hard to get a new job at times like this, dismissal is happening everywhere due to the economic collapse slowly because of the pandemic which then resulting to a lot of other people also look for jobs, the competition is much more intense than ever, for one job offer, there can be thousands of applicants competing.

As far as I know, there’s still no complete cure, vaccine or something like that to actually cure this corona virus, all the survivors are mostly survived because of their own immune system, but there’s still no vaccine to prevent this virus from infecting people. However the government still in rush to start the new normal thing, that makes me quite pessimistic about my country to finally succeeded fighting against this pandemic, just like countries like China and Vietnam did. Today, the latest news I read reported that number of confirmed cases were still increasing up to a thousand cases per day, things are getting more severe uncontrollably. That’s why I’m still afraid to go outside even to buy needs at the grocery store, I only go out buying once every two weeks to decrease the possibility of getting affected, this pandemic really is terrifying.

It’s really depressing to live in this situation, the pandemic really makes everything difficult. Tons of people are losing their job due to economic collapse, middle to lower class people suffer the most in this situation I think. What makes it worse to live in this situation is when you suffer your quarter life crisis, I have been struggling with this for almost two years now and I know exactly how suffering it is. If you are reading this and you suffer the same kind of thing, I hope you can hang on for a longer time, we will all make it out of this, stay strong.

Although I don’t see a light in the darkness coming any soon yet, because this pandemic is getting more severe, the vaccine is yet to be discovered, and some people are being stone-headed and not following the pandemic prevention protocol. I’m barely hopeless to expect things to get better this year in my country or even globally. Of course some countries made it successfully against this pandemic like China and Vietnam, but to globally win against this pandemic is not likely happening anytime soon.

Life is so much depressing for me now, and I know a lot other people are struggling too, meanwhile this pandemic is not likely going to end anytime soon, but I hope we can all survive this, it’s really hard to expect things to get better but to still have the slightest hope is the least we can hold on to.


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