Dear 2021.

To be honest, it’s barely safe to say that things will get better soon this year. With all this pandemic still haunts us everywhere, global economy is yet to recover, a lot of people are jobless, job itself is rare because companies instead cut off their employees, and a lot more problems come along with it. We all know that the root of the problems around the world is none other than the covid-19 pandemic, one of the worst pandemic that ever happened on earth. Although the good news is, the vaccine is already provided and being distributed to various countries but still it would not necessarily wipe the pandemic out in a blink of an eye. Well maybe the phrase “in a blink of an eye” is a bit too much, but my point is, the vaccine is not likely going to resolve the pandemic in 2 or 3 months ahead.

I’m not being pessimistic, I’m just trying to be realistic here, and for an advice, you should too.

Okay look, the vaccine is being developed by only several companies, as far as I concern there are companies such as Moderna, Sinovac, and Pfizer that already acquired the approval for massive production and several other companies are still in development. Not every country has their own advancement to develop one for themselves so a lot of countries rely on those companies. This means, it will take more time to provide the vaccine for every country in demand, and mass production is not so easy regarding the extremely high and urgent demand. My take is, things will get better gradually but not likely going to be significant in 2 or 3 months ahead, so better fasten your seatbelt because we are not going out of the tunnel any sooner. Again, I’m being realistic.

However, there’s more to it. There are news recently stated that the virus has already mutated in some cases and it’s said to be more contagious. Question is, will the vaccine work on the newly mutated type of virus? How many percent will the success rate be? Furthermore, even if the vaccine is already here and let’s say that the success rate is high enough for us to see a light in the darkness, the distribution takes time to reach all the countries in demand. To successfully vaccinate all the people is also another story, especially for some large countries like Unites States, China, India, Indonesia, which have a massive population. Here in Indonesia, the government has publicly announced that the estimated time required to vaccinate all the people is around 15 months, which means the vaccination here will last up to next year.

Another problem comes with the people, or frankly we can say that the people is also a problem, people is another “virus”. Along with the good news about vaccine and sort of, there are also a bunch of people who refuse to get vaccinated, with conspiracy theories of their own stating that vaccine contains chips, people who get vaccinated will be controlled, their lives will be monitored and something like that. To educate people like this will be a problem that can detain vaccinations for resolving this pandemic.

If I were the government, this might be controversial and kind of harsh but I will be assertive in sorting out which ones want to get vaccinated and not, then leave those who don’t want to get vaccinated with their choice and don’t guarantee health services for them. The vaccine is a medicine to cure and protect us against the virus, so if some people refuse it, just let them be, just focus on health services for those who need and want to be treated. Sounds hard on people and tends to be dictatorial I know, is it dictatorial? Well now I know sometimes it’s necessary to be hard on people to make them obedient.

But the government isn’t likely going that way, they will keep on trying to convince the people that the vaccine is safe and it’s there to cure and protect us against the virus. The journey to educate and convince the people will be a long exhausting way, so yea we can hope but I don’t see the pandemic ends any sooner this year, at least in the first half.

But anyway, what’s kind of ironically funny about those people is, they refuse the vaccine because they believe it ‘s a conspiracy way to get their lives controlled and monitored, while on the other hand they use phones, social media, email and anything connected to the internet and satelite and willingly submit their personal data. I mean like, come on man.

So what can we expect from this year?

Of course we all should hope for the best and work on it. Jobless people should try even harder to find themselves a job, upgrading skills and even learn new skills in the meantime, economy starts to recover, vaccine distribution going well, and so on. With the vaccine being produced and distributed around the world, we can see things are gradually going to be better this year, at least slowly, and along with that I certainly hope that the economy will recover, at least there will be a lot more jobs available by mid-year so people can start earning money again because if the economy collapsed even worse, poverty would bring another problem.

I also hope that, as we slightly going toward the edge of the tunnel, the government will keep on applying the strict protocol everywhere, leaving no room to loose it up and people stick to obey it. I know there will be hotheaded people but I hope at last they will cooperate this time. A good cooperation of the government and the people will make it easier to maintain control of the contagion. So yea, I’m sorry but if you ignore the protocol then you are stupid because you don’t just harm yourself, but you also harm other people.

For the people who disbelieve and refuse the vaccine, if you read this, please, please man I beg you, cooperate this time and we can make things go swift and survive this pandemic to the end alive and well. The very things we can hope for this year are the vaccination goes well, people stay aware and stick to the protocol, and yea if we start to see result toward mid-year, the economy and everything else will recover as well.

I hope this will be a good recovery year for us all and everything goes back to normal anytime soon. Stay safe everyone.

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