Does the Internet Have a Bad Influence on Socio-Cultural Life?

The world of telecommunication and information are experiencing rapid development over the last decade. This cannot be avoided due to the fact that it is aligned with the advancement of science. The goal is to facilitate humans in their daily activities. The rapid development of the internet is a big issue that is undeniable, as it is also more accessible by almost everyone around the world. The use of the internet has changed the world in a lot of aspects, especially in social and cultural life. The internet allows people to communicate with one another more easily, regardless of distance. Many people stand on the point that the internet has become massive assistance in everyday life, as it is so much helpful in many ways. However, it is also undeniable the internet is far from being the perfect technology we have today, due to the fact that it also has a bad influence on the course of social and cultural life.

One of the positive impacts of the internet is that it provides effective communication using email and instant messaging services to any part of the world. By using the internet, people can access many varieties of communication media to communicate with people without having to worry about the distance. This can be done in instant, right from the very hand using a smartphone, computer, and any other gadget that has internet access. Another positive impact is the internet provides way easier access to any information we need. We can find any information we need for self-improvement, education, or entertainment purpose only by using the internet.

On the other hand, the internet also has negative impacts, especially on socio-cultural life. One of them is that the internet can be a medium for spreading fake news, hoaxes, and propaganda that can divide society. This can be a problem in the socio-cultural life of the community because it can disrupt the order of life and culture that has been built well and peacefully, which then becomes fragmented due to the propaganda that is spread through the internet. Another bad influence is that the ease of internet access is now increasingly making people tend to be dependent and increasingly ignore direct social interactions. People increasingly tend to only focus on their gadgets and access the internet anytime and anywhere and are starting to communicate and interact directly with other people less and less, even within their own families. This of course can result in the erosion of our culture, which used to be friendly with others and greet each other. This is of course an undesirable thing to happen.

Therefore, let us all be wise in using the internet. Use the internet as positively as possible to make life easier, gain beneficial information, and improve ourselves. The internet is indeed beneficial in many ways if we really utilize it properly. On the other hand, do not be easily influenced by negative things on the internet, and do not use the internet as a medium to do negative things that are useless in our lives together as a social community.

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