Music Thoughts #3 – Justin Bieber “Ghost”

Justin Bieber has released his latest music video entitled “Ghost”, and this music video can really touch the heart of so many people. Even though I am not really a hardcore fan of Justin Bieber, he is in fact one of the many music artists I quite enjoy listening to for a long time. This music video tells the story of someone who lost a very beloved figure, which in this case is the grandfather. The loss of a beloved figure is one point in life that is inevitable and will give deep sorrow, but we must strive to overcome it. This grief is depicted explicitly yet beautifully in this music video, hence the argument that this can really touch the heart of so many people.

Loss is indeed a tough thing, but that does not mean that it cannot be passed. Justin Bieber claimed that his goal in writing “Ghost” was to help people feel like there is hope and that the trauma and hurt they are experiencing would pass. This is clearly illustrated in the music video, as someone who lost a loved figure is trying to rise from a feeling of deep sorrow and returns to life. The cinematography is beautiful, and top-notch as if I was watching a well-produced short film.

The early minutes of the music video “Ghost” feel so mixed. The swift of the scene from the beautiful memories with the male actor along with his grandparents, to the scene where they had to go through the funeral of the grandfather, really felt touching the heart. The music is emotional, something I see Justin Bieber really enjoy doing with his music. The emotions delivered by the actors in this music video felt real and took me as an audience into the atmosphere of the music video. Their acting is really good, due to the fact that the actors are actually real actors.

The next minutes show the time that has been 2 years passed. The two remaining characters in the music video seemed to keep trying to get up from the sorrow. They appear to try to live the day more cheerfully and continue to leave the sadness that has passed. This looks so beautiful and touching. Many people who watch this music video must also feel represented by the story of their life through the story delivered in this “Ghost”. I have read the comment section of this music video on YouTube, and I can see there are a lot of people sharing their feeling of being represented and being touched by the story depicted in “Ghost”. It kind of makes me happy to see such music can be so emotional to many people.

It can be concluded that this music video wants to convey a message. The message is that whoever we are anywhere, losing a loved figure is something that is very likely to happen at any time. However, sadness should not be allowed to curb us forever. Life must continue, and we must rise to continue the struggle of life because that’s what the person we lost would have wanted. Ghost by Justin Bieber is a beautiful music video, and I am really looking forward to seeing more from him.

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