Facility for People with Disabilities in Indonesia

A disability is defined as any condition that makes a person experience more difficulties in order to do certain things, activities, or effectively interact with the environment around them. In Indonesia, people with disabilities are still an issue that triggers many responses from various people. As far as I am concerned, the handling of people with disabilities in Indonesia is still far from adequate. Especially in non-big city areas, there are still many people with disabilities who do not receive adequate and targeted assistance and treatment from the government. In my opinion, one of the factors that people with disabilities are still lacking is the provision of public facilities that support their activities. In several big cities, such as Jakarta, many facilities have been built that can help people with disabilities, such as pedestrian bridges that provide special lifts for people with disabilities, or flat surfaces for going up and down, instead of stairs which are of course not disability friendly. Public transportation such as buses and trains have also provided many special rooms for people with disabilities, with stops and terminals that are also disability-friendly.

However, the provision of auxiliary facilities like this is only found in big cities, while in many other places it is still very lacking. I think the government should be more serious about this because equality in society is not only about gender, but also between normal people and people with disabilities there must be equality, by providing them with adequate facilities to support their activities, especially outdoor activities. The government should be able to allocate more funds to help build adequate facilities for people with disabilities in areas far from big cities. With the creation of many facilities for people with disabilities in various places, they can be more productive in living their lives.

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