Hello, I’m Alfrid. I created this blog in purpose of developing a space for me to write anything I interest in, to establish my personal content writing portfolio to showcase my soon-to-be clients about how I do my writings, and how will it look like for their very own consideration.

Well, mostly I am just going to spill out anything in my mind since my mind is a messy chamber and I basically think a lot about anything. I would also look for some trending topics on the internet and see what I can write about it, it will tend to be my thoughts toward those topics but still I will try to make it as engaging as I can.

However, maybe sometimes I would also write stories, either fiction or true event-based story from my own experience or re-writing other people’s experience, sometimes poetry maybe, just as my mood goes.

Music, yes music is also something I love, to listen to it is my daily routine. Although I literally can’t play any music instrument but still I love to listen to music, I love to catch the eargasm of listening to them. I will be making content about music, I consider writing my thought about the lyric of a particular song I listen, writing my personal review about the artist and their music, yea maybe something like that will also be in this blog.

I will be bilingual here since Indonesian is my mother tongue and English is my second language so yea I’ll be writing in both language, switch dynamically based on which language I find best suitable for the topic I will be writing.

Well maybe that’s all for the introduction about this blog and what I will doing in here. If this blog happens to be on your page or you magically find this blog, please take a look for a while, and if you enjoy the contents here I wish you would stay to be my reader. For anything you find worth any criticism about my contents, please feel free to throw your opinion on it, and I will humbly be very open to any kind of developing criticism. Thank you.


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