Movie Review – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

This movie is the latest installment in the MCU and a direct sequel for WandaVision and Spider-Man No Way Home, following the multiverse conception, and also kind of related to what is served in Loki and What If. Sam Raimi, known for his “horror” flair, directed the movie. Continuing Stephen Strange’s story after No Way Home, with Wanda remaining depressed by the loss of her kids in WandaVision, which is actually an illusion she made herself. Taking the major conflict between America Chavez’s arrival and her inability to control her strength and the fact that she must be protected from the Scarlet Witch’s pursuit of her power in order to move to another dimension and live with her kids. This movie was intended to be a horror film from the start; Scott Derrickson, who was originally going to direct it, as well as Sam Raimi, both have a horror film history, therefore there would be aspects of horror and creepy throughout.

A general question emerges because the MCU is unfamiliar with the genre. Does the movie succeed in bringing that genre to the MCU? The answer appears to be, well, kind of successful. Because of Scarlet Witch, we will be tense from the start, as if we were watching a thriller. Scarlet Witch a.k.a Wanda is terrifying in this, not gonna lie. This movie contains a number of little jumpscares as well as a creepy atmosphere that makes us feel uneasy, therefore the goal of scaring the audience is achieved. The dynamic interaction between Stephen and Wanda in this movie is, in my opinion, the main highlight. Despite the fact that they are on opposite sides in this movie, their relationship is incredibly emotional. Each of them has their own egos, so it’s no surprise that the audience will be rooting for their own sides while watching this movie, given how much they’ve sacrificed in earlier MCU events.

Some people may come to see cameo appearances by their favorite characters from other Marvel movies outside MCU that have been rumored to appear, hyping this with quite some expectation. Unfortunately, there will be some expectations unfulfilled; because this movie is entertaining not because of its cameo, not even close, but because of the constant friction between Stephen and Wanda. Wanda, actually, is the center of attention in this movie, for the reason that Elizabeth Olsen’s acting as Wanda a.k.a Scarlet Witch is drop-dead remarkable. This is why I suggest mainly focusing only on the main plot of this movie because the expectations for the long-rumored cameos will quite be unsatisfying. The cameos are treated like “garbage”, Marvel did them nasty in this. Despite the fact that this movie is entitled “madness,” it actually has a happy ending. This movie attempts to define what it means to be “happy.” How to obtain it as well as how to receive it. It’s soothing. Furthermore, despite the title “Multiverse of Madness”, I think the multiverse element in this movie is not as madness as the title. Not bad, but not particularly fulfilling either, just kind of feels ordinary. This movie may not be perfect, and some audiences may have difficulty accepting the MCU’s new formula this time. Some may think this is excessive, but I find it intriguing and unusual, and it is no longer mainstream.

Overall, this movie has left a favorable impression on me. Action sequences, visual effects, soundtrack, conflict, and characters, among other things, satisfied me quite balanced and not overly dramatic for a multiversal struggle. Aside from a few flaws that detract from the overall enjoyment of watching this movie, it is still a fine movie. The success of this movie in introducing a new genre and atmosphere to the MCU universe is enough to overcome its flaws, making it the most recent MCU installment that is still entertaining and gratifying to watch.

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