Insecurity is a feeling of inadequacy and uncertainty which produces anxiety in various aspects of life, making one unable to handle certain situations. This psychological phenomenon might appear in all areas of life from a wide range of causes, including a comparison to the others, arising doubts and anxiety, and even rejection. These shall be taken seriously as they will affect someone in the aspect of mental health and mental disorders. The following are various causes of insecurity and their detrimental effects.

The most common cause of insecurity is doing too much self-comparison with others. In general, the benchmark in self-comparison is someone who is much better according to the standard of perfection set by that person. This action will harm oneself and the following negative impacts; giving rise to the feeling that others are always better than you, causing self-hatred, and burying self-confidence.

Moreover, the next cause is loneliness and social anxiety. A sense of loneliness will cause a deep fear in a person to open himself to the environment so that insecurity will quickly form. Some of the effects are negative beliefs about yourself, causing mental instability, and constantly worrying about doing something you think is embarrassing. This anxiety will prevent a person from doing important things or meeting good opportunities that might lead to any self-improvement. The ultimate effect is that the person will find it hard to grow and improve to be better.

Another factor that can also be a trigger and cause feeling insecurities is when someone experiences a disappointing failure. When at one moment, a person experiences a significant failure, both in terms of education, outside education, in the social environment, or in the family environment, then this can provide a kind of deep trauma that lingers and lasts for quite a long time. This can trigger the presence of these feelings of insecurity which makes the person more likely to be afraid and worried when they want to do something. The feeling that failure will continue to haunt you at any time will certainly be very unpleasant in everyday life.

Being ridiculed or rejected by society repeatedly can also be a factor causing feelings of insecurities. This can trigger a person to become focused on other people’s standards and force themselves to be perfect and must be validated by others in order to be accepted in society. This is certainly not healthy for mental conditions because it is important to note that everyone’s standards and capabilities are different, we must be able to adapt while still being ourselves without having to force perfection. On the other hand, a bad scheme that could also happen is that a person becomes even more isolated from the outside world and no longer interacts socially. This is certainly not a good thing and must be prevented before it causes much worse things.

Insecurity is a serious situation that we cannot underestimate, rather should be more concerned about it. If we do not put any serious concern about insecurity, it can lead to severe mental problems and self-harm on an extreme level. When we experience any feeling of insecurity, we should do any anticipation action necessary, settle down and contemplate with ourselves, while considering how much we need validation and acceptance from others, and what type of validation we expect from others’ assessments. In order for these feelings to diminish, we must all work together to address insecurities and put more concern about them.

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