Movie Review – The Batman

Ever since the first trailer debuted, I’ve been looking forward to seeing Matt Reeves’ The Batman, played by Robert Pattinson. Although there has been much criticism since the announcement of The Batman cast, especially Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman, I am somehow still confident that Robert Pattinson will be able to portray Batman and Bruce Wayne properly. Moreover, since the first trailer was published, I’ve been increasingly convinced of this.
Matt Reeves portrays Batman in a way that is distinct from previous Batman versions. Because the genre, story, and ‘feel’ presented to the viewer are all distinct, we can’t really compare which one is better. All are excellent in their own way, yet they have distinct uniqueness.

My first impression of watching The Batman is that for me this movie looks more like a detective movie, rather than a superhero movie, with the audience being urged to investigate and solve the clues of one of Batman’s arch-nemesis, The Riddler. Watching The Batman movie is a chaotic experience, with the movie’s and story’s atmospheres seeming gloomy, gripping, and suffocating. The audience is forced to ‘enter’ and ‘see’ Gotham City for themselves, marveling at how rotten and corrupt this criminal city is. When it comes to the plot, there are numerous alterations when compared to prior films.

The longer duration makes The Batman a slow-burn drama movie, with slow but solid pacing, without feeling bland and long-winded in revealing one story at a time with slow, deep, and intense emotions. The Batman movie may be a bit boring and dull compared to the previous Batman movies for superhero movie fans who enjoy more action and fight scenes. But if you’re the kind of person who is willing to sit tight in front of the screen and enjoy it from beginning to end, you’ll love The Batman with all your heart and passion for every detail that’s added minute by minute.

The cinematography, color grading detailed setting, and even the film score of the film really support the story of The Batman which is dark and gripping. Salute to The Batman movie’s numerous beautiful shots, which make the audience feel eyegasm and eargasm throughout the movie. But of course, the actions shown are also not arbitrary. This movie presents a more ferocious, vicious, and violent version of Batman. One thing I like the most is when I can see Batman enter the scene all of a sudden, mysteriously and very epic! Of all the existing live-action Batman versions, I feel this Batman version of Matt Reeves is the most ‘human’. Batman who still has fear like ordinary humans, Batman who does not completely rely on super-sophisticated gadgets, and Batman who can still make mistakes.

When it comes to acting quality, I don’t see any bad acting in this movie; at least not so bad to the point that it really ruins the scene. The entire cast does an excellent job in their respective roles. Especially Robert Pattinson as the center of attention in this movie, despite all the controversy that occurred over his selection as Batman, he managed to provide excellent performance. The portion of each antagonist in this movie also feels right in filling each of their roles in the continuity and unity of the story. Although there are some that I think are a bit lacking in screen time, they are not to the point of being disappointing. I’ve only seen this movie once, and this review is the impression of watching it for the first time. I haven’t noticed any major flaws in The Batman so far, but it’s possible that I’ll watch it again later and notice something new or a new reference that would diminish my positive impression. Overall, The Batman is one of the best movies I have seen in the last decade. I really enjoy this movie and I am looking forward to seeing the sequel.

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