Accepting New Ideas Is the Key to Grow

In today’s rapidly developing world, the dissemination of information is one of the phenomena that occurs so quickly and widely.  The main factor that became the basis for the phenomenon of spreading information so quickly and widely is the advancement of internet technology and the digital world. Along with the dissemination of this information, many ideas have also been spread.  These new ideas are certainly a good thing if used properly. The world is developing very fast, and we also must be able to adapt to the times by growing and utilize new ideas to our mindset. Here comes the question, am I open to new ideas? I will firmly answer yes to it. As a human being who dynamically transform along the times, I must be able to open myself to new ideas in order to obtain different perception, reference, and perspective from other people. Opening the mind to new ideas is a promising way to help me grow. There are three main ways how accepting new ideas can help me grow.

  1. Giving many perspectives

New ideas can give me a perception about many things from different perspectives. The ability to see things from various perspectives can indirectly give me the ability to adapt to various situations.  I can also become more empathetic because I put myself from the point of view of the person I interact with in the social environment.

  • Reference about how to react to things in life

Accepting new ideas can also give me various references to react to many things in my life.  For example, when I experience a problem in life, I can utilize the ideas I absorb from various sources as a reference for reacting to my problems, and can even help me find solutions to those problems.  Being open minded and accepting new ideas will really help me in living life.

  • Become motivation to improve

It is undeniable that in life I ​​must experience ups and downs that occur. When I am experiencing a hard time, opening my mind to new ideas can be one way to find the motivation to move forward and get out of the difficult time that got me trapped. I can absorb a lot of inspiration from new ideas that I am opened to, which can be a motivation to push myself out of difficult times and downfalls, so as not to continue being stuck at that point, and rise from there to improve myself for the better.

That’s why being open and receptive to new ideas from various sources of information is very significant in helping me grow and improve myself.  I must be able to use this well and wisely because if I do not grow, then I will be left behind in a world that is developing so fast today.  The progress of information and technology today will not slow down and wait for me if I move slowly or even get stuck, therefore I must take the initiative to encourage myself to continue to grow and adapt to the times.  Lagging behind is certainly something I don’t want, so let’s keep growing.

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