Information Security Problem in Indonesia

Information Security is the attempt in the cyber world to prevent unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording, or destruction of information, basically to protect information from cyberattacks intended to misuse it. Information security is still a complicated problem in Indonesia because the security of digital data and information in the cyber world is still experiencing many leaks and break-ins for malicious purposes. It seems to me that the government is still not taking effective action in tackling and preventing actions like this from happening. Things like this have been categorized as criminal acts, so of course, a more serious and firm handling is needed. In Indonesia, we were shocked some time ago by the leak of personal data in the Covid-19 information system and vaccination data. The private information that was reportedly leaked then caused many people to doubt the government about how they protect the data of every individual in this country. I think it is very natural for the public to have doubts about the government, especially the ministry that handles information and data. This is not the only time a data leak like this has happened, there has also been a data leak in one of the big companies that have fatal consequences for many people as clients of that company. This kind of thing, in my opinion, occurs because the information and data security system in Indonesia is still weak, and regulations related to this are still not handled properly by the government. This must be immediately corrected by the relevant ministries within the government because if not, then the threat of data and information leakage that can harm many people will continue to be a problem that can occur at any time. It takes cooperation between the government and the community, especially from information technology activists to work together to create regulations and security systems that can ensure the security of data and information for each individual.

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