Essay – Literature In The Victorian Age

One of the most significant and prominent moments in United Kingdom was during the Victorian era, where at that time the United Kingdom was ruled by Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria supplanted William the IV on the throne of the United Kingdom and Ireland in 1837. She reigned for 64 years, until her death in 1901, making it one of the longest reigns in English history. One of the most historical progressions in the Victorian era was the rapid development of the industrial sector and the shift of focus from the agricultural sector to the industrial sector. Many significant social and historical changes occurred during this time, affecting the country in a variety of ways and leaving this period as one of the most significant in the history of United Kingdom, even to the whole world. While the country experienced economic growth, poverty and exploitation were also present. The gap between rich and poor widened substantially, and the pursuit of material and commercial success was perceived as propagating a form of moral degradation in society.

A rapid development of literary works also occurred in the Victorian age, with novel as one of the most progressive genre throughout the era. The novels arose as part of literary works to entertain the growing middle class and to reflect modern life in a changing society. Despite the fact that the book had been in development since the 18th century, it was during this time that it gained widespread recognition and popularity. The rapidly massive development of industrial sectors in the Victorian age play a big role in pushing the novels to gain even more attention, since certain jobs required a particular reading literacy, and novels suited to this by becoming a device to practice reading for various vocations that required a certain level of reading proficiency. Reading, which has now become a leisure pastime, might also be used to fill time on the daily commute to work for men and time alone at home for women. The need for fiction increased dramatically as a result of the latter.

One of the proofs that the Victorian age was the era when novels and any other literary works gained a lot of attention and historical value was when Charles Dickens, one of the all-time best literary figures, published his novel entitled Oliver Twist, a story about an orphan in the early twentieth century and his struggle with poverty. As one of the most leading literary figures in the Victorian age, Charles Dickens was quite influential and well-known, his works were significantly affected the literature in that era. Dickens as a writer became famed for his wit, satire, social commentary, and in-depth character, and his writings continued to be popular and accepted. Other notable works include Bleak House, A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, and Great Expectations.

Women writers abound throughout this time period. The novel as a genre was initially perceived as feminine literature, and as women’s literacy rates climbed, a new need for female writers to cater to this sector arose. Writers such as Elizabeth Gaskell, George Eliot, and The Bronte Sisters (Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte) were some of the most significant literary figures in the Victorian age. They created various literary works that had a significant influence on the Victorian age and participated as writers who became a benchmark for how significant the Victorian age was to the progress of the literary world. There was Thomas Hardy, who in the latter half of the Victorian era was the most prominent writer. He was influenced by both romanticism of the time period and Dickens’ social critique. He is most known for creating the fictional town of Wessex.

. The Victorian age is arguably one of the golden ages in the literary movement, with various writers born and growing rapidly and giving birth to many literary works that are so significant even today. The period was believed to have witnessed a major shift in Britain’s terrain from rural to industrial. All of these issues were reflected in the novel, which became possibly the most important genre of the time and those to come. As a result, the time was crucial for the growth of the novel as a genre and form, which underwent changes during the century All these studies have explained clearly and effectively regarding the Victorian age and the literary growth at that era, compared to my thesis, I didn’t provide a much more compact and clear description about the Victoria age, which I have learned about and would attempt to reconstruct in order to provide a better thesis, of course with these studies as the references.

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