Takeaway Coffee Should Be Cheaper

I am a coffee person, like really so much a coffee lover. I even once established my very own coffee shop, although it collapsed in only several months, very sad of me, but it pretty much clarifies just how much a coffee person I am. Usually I consume roughly 2 to 3 cups of coffee daily, one every morning and one every afternoon around 4 to 6 P.M, sometimes I consume one more cup of coffee in the evening when I hang out with friends or just simply going to the coffee shop alone having my me time. But the schedule isn’t precisely like that, sometimes I buy my coffee in the day time when I decide to take my work outside, coffee shop usually is a good place to have a good chilling time to work on your laptop.

Having been spending a lot of times in the coffee shop, drinking cups of coffee, randomly got me to be thinking that, shouldn’t the price of the coffee be a little cheaper if your buy it for takeaway? I mean like, we got to admit that the price of a cup of coffee isn’t necessarily only determined by the components in a single cup of coffee itself, right? Coffee shop not only just “sell” coffee, they also sell a place to hang out to, the ambience, the interior design, the cozy atmosphere to be in it, the service, and any other elements, those elements combined and you get the price of a cup of coffee. If you decide to buy coffee for takeaway, doesn’t it mean you don’t enjoy the other elements the coffee shop sells, other than just the single cup of coffee you be holding around you go. For the same price, you get a cup of coffee, meanwhile other people who decide to hang out at the coffee shop get another elements like the place, ambience, and sort of.

I don’t mean to force anyone to dine in rather than takeaway your coffee, I just simply feel like, it’s not fair to have the same price for dine in and takeaway. I never think that Starbucks, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, or any other fancy local coffee shop in my town are expensive, because I know all the elements in it are in good quality as a whole and it worth the price, although there are some overpriced coffee shops but you get my point, right? The taste of the coffee, and any other menu they serve, the place, the service, all combined precisely and worth the price.

My issue here is just the price when you buy it for takeaway, when you only get the coffee and not the enjoyment of the cozy ambience of the place and service, why don’t we get a slightly lesser price? I had a discussion with my girlfriend about this and she assumed that the price we pay for the ambience of the place which we don’t enjoy if we buy for takeaway is actually exchanged with the coffee cup and bag to carry our coffee, but I still think that it’s not worth the price as much as for the experience in the coffee shop, we should still get a slightly lesser price for takeaway coffee.

This is why I rarely buy coffee for takeaway, unless it’s for a long trip, then I’m okay with it to drink along the way. But if I’m just walking around a mall, sightseeing or looking for some goods to buy, then I don’t think of buying a cup of coffee for takeaway, again, it’s not worth it. I prefer to get my concern done first, then go to the coffee shop and sit there for a while to relax and enjoy a cup of my favorite coffee.

I know, this is actually not just work on coffee shop, but any other food and beverage industry, when they sell a fancy place to sit and enjoy our food and beverage we buy, I also think we should get a cheaper price for takeaway. It works differently though for a delivery, the price probably is accumulated with the delivery cost, although some restaurant and coffee shop still add some more cost for delivery service.

So what do you think about my opinion here? Do you agree or you have your own opinion about this? I just randomly think about this for a long time and I be like “well maybe it can be a good idea to write about for my blog”. Thank you for reading anyway.


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