Music Thoughts #2 My Favorite BMTH’s Song on Each Album

Hi, we are back again in one of the segments in my blog, called Music Thoughts. Well okay previously I have published my writing about how I first met BMTH’s music, how much I like them, and sort of, and I’m thinking about making a segment in this blog called Music Thoughts, which is gonna be basically about my thoughts on any kind of music I enjoy, so it’s not just about BMTH but any other stuffs related to music. However, disclaimer first, this segment is gonna be just my mediocre opinion, review, and anything else because I am not an actual musician, I don’t have the genuine knowledge about this industry, I don’t even play any kind of music instrument, very lame of me. I’m just a mere human who enjoy listening to music and so here I am writing about music and will be writing more and more later. So yea, welcome to Music Thoughts #2 (since the first writing about BMTH was the Music Thoughts #1)

Okay so lets start with my personal favorite BMTH’s songs from each album, one song each.

1. Post Human: Survival Horror, Favorite Song: Kingslayer (feat Babymetal).

Bring Me The Horizon featuring Babymetal, who would have thought? When the rumor about this collab first appeared on the internet, I was shocked yet happy, and I had a high hope about this song to be such a banger. And yes, it was a real banger when they first released this track as a part of their album Post Human: Survival Horror, until today this song still is a banger and I know this will forever be a banger track, at least for me. I have listened to the full album, and overall I love the entire album, the songs are all great, after BMTH gone softer on their previous two albums, it’s so good to hear them banging again through this album when the fans have been yelling they miss the old metal stuff. The lyric in this song says it all:

Is this what you want?
This is what you’ll f*cking get

2. Music To Listen To, Favorite Song: ? (feat Halsey).

This is the most unique sound BMTH has ever made, this album is mostly instrumental, full of electronics, the genre itself is electropop, you can see how unique (you can also call it weird) this album is by the title of the song above, an actual question mark, which actually supposed to be written upside down, but I just can’t find an upside down question mark on my keyboard, so yea, a question mark as a song title. Those die hard metalhead BMTH fans might not like this album, but to me, this album is uniquely enjoyable.

3. Amo, Favorite Song: Nihilist Blues (feat Grimes).

I don’t know man, I just somehow love the music, the lyric, this song is so unique to me and I have been listening to this repeatedly, hundreds of times. Although I still don’t get the idea behind the lyric because it’s full of figurative language, just as most of BMTH’s songs actually, but I will try to look for some review about this song to take a deeper comprehension about the lyric, and maybe compose my own review about it later, I don’t know.

4. That’s The Spirit, Favorite Song: Drown.

This song is about someone who’s speaking his heart out to tell anyone how it feels like to be drowning in his own depression, and asking for help. If you are having a hard time, heartbreak from anything, hitting the lowest point in your life, I can say that you will most likely related to the lyric of this song, it pretty much explains what it feel like to be in pain. Oh, and if you are really in a severe hard time, don’t fight alone, try to reach out for help, there must be someone cares, cheers. ✌

5. Sempiternal, Favorite Song: Empire (Let Them Sing).

I don’t know whether this is true but I suspect this song got a reference from a famous story in the Bible, about how the Israelites fought the Wall of Jericho with trumpets until the wall collapsed, but it takes the perspective of the People of Jericho inside the wall. This is just my random analysis but if you take a deeper look at the lyric and you also understand or at least ever heard about the story of The Wall of Jericho, then you will quite agree with me that it kind of identical.

6. There Is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven Lets keep It a Secret, Favorite Song: It Never Ends.

This is by far my all time favorite BMTH’s song, with Kingslayer comes close to the second place, which explains quite enough why this song is my favorite from the album. The music is energetic, I love the fast pace of the music, the lyric is beautifully on point as always, I love the choir-like backing vocal, and the breakdown, for heaven’s sake is the best breakdown ever, hands down pal. I just love this song from every angle possible.

7. Suicide Season, Favorite Song: Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Back when BMTH was so much brutal with their deathcore music, which I actually prefer secondly after the studio albums like Sempiternal and the later albums because I prefer music with clean lyrics to sing along to, while deathcore BMTH was to brutal and mostly screams and screams. I can’t scream to sing along screaming, but I still can enjoy the music, some moment really require loud and heavy music like this, although in this album BMTH actually went a little humane with the way they sing, not completely scream the whole song like the previous album. Diamonds Aren’t Forever is actually still quite enjoyable for me, the heavy music and some of the lyric to sing along to, this song is good.

8. Count Your Blessing, Favorite Song: A Lot Like Vegas.

I know the so-called OG fans of BMTH will against me for saying this but this album is my less preferred one compared to the others because I have explained above that I prefer songs that have clean lyrics to sing along to, and since I can’t scream and this album is totally a deathcore screaming, I don’t quite enjoy this album so much, but not that I hate it, no pal. Again, there’s still some times when I need a heavily loud music like this to play on my speaker, and I can still enjoy it, just not as much as the other albums, and amongst the playlist in this album, A Lot Like Vegas is the most enjoyable I can have.

Well, I guess that’s all for my favorite BMTH’s song on each album, I love this band as a whole, their music, all of their songs, I really enjoy it all as a whole. Although I can say that I’m not one of those so-called OG die hard BMTH fans who rebel against the change in the band’s sound throughout the time, I pretty much enjoy the way this band grows, the changes and experiments they make with their music are still good and I believe will always be good. Some musician make changes in their sound and they failed, while some others succeeded in an epic way without turning them into a whole different identity, and BMTH is one of them. I just hope that they will continue making music in the future, and continue to surprise us in an epic way.

I thank God for being alive when BMTH exists.


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