Things I Wish Could Be More Socially Acceptable

First off, I don’t understand how did these things first become kind of weird, socially unacceptable, or even embarrassing. It’s like these was a time when people all of a sudden collectively agree to the idea of not accepting certain things as normal, and the people who do, or have, or even are those certain things feel embarrassed or uneasy to just do it, or be it as it is simply who they are, or what they bear. I think there are a lot of things like this, and I believe you, or other people may agree with me, we have all at least seen or experienced some of these socially weird things that actually should just be normal.

Okay, look.

Not Having Kids

Well okay I know, this doesn’t pretty much happen everywhere, there are places where this is just okay, where people not having kids are not being judged as weird. However, there are places where this is still socially weird, people implicitly oblige us to have kids. People be like: “hey, you’ve been married for a couple years now, when will you get a baby?” They keep on asking the same kind of question over and over as if it is an obligation. No, they don’t consider about whether the person they ask are actually infertile that being asked like that hurts them, people just being sassy as it is. Having kids is not easy, it takes a lot of preparations, energy, and of course money, and if some people decide to not yet have one, or even not wanting to have any at all, then just let them be, it should just be a normal thing, right?

Talking About And Getting Treatment For Mental Health

Mental illness is just as common as any other physical illness, and we should really normalize talking about it more often as it is. It’s not a curse, someone speaks out about having mental problem like depression, PTSD, anxiety or sort of is not necessarily crazy, they need to get a proper treatment for it just as a person with flu get a treatment, without getting judged. Social judgment is often the reason why many people who actually bear a mental problem hold themselves back and decide to not speak it out to get help, and we should really change this custom.

Guys Doing Skin Care

What’s ironic about this is the people who often being cynical about guys doing skin care are actually, another guys. They be like: “dude you’re such a sissy, why’d you do the skin care thing, it’s not manly dude”. I mean like, bro if you don’t care about the healthy of your skin then just keep it to yourself, don’t use that manly issue to be cynical to other guys who actually care.

Not Replying A Text When You Are Not In The Mood To Reply

Unless it’s a crucial matter, please stop pushing people to reply to a text when they don’t. There are many reasons why people don’t reply to a text, and I can say that one of them is simply because they don’t feel like replying. I hate it when people spam messages just to get replied and if they still don’t get it, they point us as being an arrogant person. I mean like, bro shut the f up.

Short Reply Without Getting Judged As A Cold Person

This is still related to the point above, I don’t get why a short reply is judged as cold. I mean like, if your message only require an “ok” response then what do you expect me to reply? “Okkkkkkaaaaaaayyyyyyy”? With tons of emoticons just to make it not looking ice cold? Why can’t we just normalize short replies and be okay with it without getting pissed off. Come on man.

Wearing The Same Clothes Quite Often

This is me and I know this is many other people out there. It’s not that we don’t have a lot of clothes (although at some occasion we actually don’t because we are just simply, financially unsettled). There must be a reason why some people wear the same kind of clothes more frequent than other, it’s either because they love the clothes so much, it’s so comfy to wear, or it’s memorable due to being a gift from a special person or any other reason, and even if the reason is because they can’t afford many clothes to wear in turns each day, then why do people have to give that squinty sharp eyes when they see other people wear the same clothes again and again.

Well I know there are still a lot of other things which actually should just be normal, people don’t need to be cynical to it, things we should normalize more in society. You can agree or disagree with my points but often times, I find these points to be socially unacceptable and I believe I’m not the only one thinking about it, there must be some of you agree with my points, right?

So how about you, are you one those cynical people towards these points I just described, or are you one of those who have or do these points and feel uneasy because of how socially weird it is?


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