Music Thoughts #1 Bring me to Bring Me The Horizon

When it comes to music taste, I can tell that mine is quite diverse, I’m not a kind of person who stay in just one or a few genre of music. I can enjoy EDM, Rock and all of it’s variety, RnB, Kpop, some soft music like Ballad, Jazz or any softer like LoFi; and I, since I’m talking about Bring Me The Horizon here, obviously enjoy heavy music like metal, punk or sort of. In a nutshell, I can enjoy music from The Beatles to today’s hype like Blackpink.

Especially about heavy music, my personal favorite are the likes of Linkin Park, MCR, Asking Alexandria, Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon, and many more with similar type of sound to them. I personally also enjoy some more classical sound like Nirvana, Slipknot, or even Led Zeppelin, I have listened to them since around ten because my uncle was a big fan of those sound, he used to had a lot of cassettes and play them everyday.

When it comes to Bring Me The Horizon, they are literally on top of the list of my favorite bands, along with Linkin Park. I know I said before that my personal favorite are many but if there was a hierarchy, then BMTH and Linkin Park would be on top. These dudes from Sheffield, England, formed the band in 2004, and they have been consistently releasing banger tracks. Their latest album, or they may also call it an EP, Post Human Survival Horror, is such a really banger compilations of their whole color in music, it has a great heavy track like Dear Diary or some more chilling like Teardrops and even a literal ballad like One Day. I really love that album.

So how did I first stumble upon them? The very first time I ever listened to their song was around high school time, when I just randomly found a news about them on the internet, and I got to say, the very first thing that caught me intrigued was their name. Yea, Bring Me The Horizon is a catchy name, right? I was intrigued by their name and so I observed their music, I first listened to It Never Ends, one of their top tracks in the album There Is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen it, There Is a Heaven Lets Keep It a Secret. What happened next, well you guessed it, I fell in love with them. I then proceeded to keep getting myself into their music and the more I listened, the more I fell in love with their music. Although I go to say that I’m not a really big fan of their previous music before There Is a Hell, because for me it was to heavy, I have always preferred to still have some clear lyrics to sing along to, but it’s not that I hate their previous albums like Count Your Blessing and Suicide Season, I can still enjoy it, just not as much as the later albums.

Things I love the most about BMTH are their progressive beat, it’s really good to kick my mood up, I know there are literally a lot of bands with progressive beats and I also like many of them, but somehow BMTH got a special place in me, just like Linkin Park, and also they have some electronic sounds which they have claimed to be influenced by Linkin Park, which is really fascinating to my ear. I also love how poetic their lyrics are, a lot of deep meanings, figurative language, they manage to be so good to compose beautiful lyrics for their songs to the point that it’s not just song lyrics but it can literally be a poetry.

If you also enjoy heavy music like me, I highly recommend you to try BMTH. I can assure that you will love them. To first try them, you can listen to their album like Sempiternal, There Is a Hell, or their latest Post Human Survival Horror. Even if you are not really into heavy songs, you can still enjoy them by listening to their album That’s The Spirit or Amo, tracks like Oh No, Follow You, and Drown from That’s The Spirit, or Medicine, and Mother Tongue from Amo are some good recommendations from me for something smooth and poppy.

So yea, just go to your spotify, apple music, or whatever music platform you use, and listen to Bring Me The Horizon.


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