My Morning Routine

To have a morning routine is something I actually wanted to have since a couple years ago, but my bad habit of sleeping late since college time, later was worsening when most of my previous jobs mainly at night shift required me to stay up all night, it all has established a bad pattern of sleep schedule which subsequently made it difficult to have a proper morning routine. This bad habit lasted until at least around October-November last year.

My struggle to find a job was really a pain in the *ss since all this pandemic has been around. Month by month pass by and it was still difficult for me to get a job, because you know, the competition was far more intense than ever due to this covid-19 pandemic, the stress and anxiety of this struggle were really not friendly to my sleeping habit. Until one day I realized that this can’t last any longer, I have to find a way. Later I contemplate, to figure things out, to deal with the stress and anxiety of my own, and I decided to start making content, to start creating my own portfolio and so I started developing this blog. I started finding freelance online jobs, I used job website such as, fiverr and sort of.

I have been thinking, “since this pandemic put people to work from home, then why don’t we maximize the idea of working from home to the fullest?” This was the turning point where I finally started to establish a good sleeping schedule, no more late night sleep, and wake up early in the morning with fresh energy.

Well I know the bridging is already kind of too long, so lets start about the morning routine.

First off, I usually wake up around 7 to 8 in the morning, not really early I know but it’s already fine enough for me to wake up around that time. After waking up, I grab a glass of water to drink before I make my bed, it’s good to fill my body and helps with metabolism. Next I head to the bathroom right away to do my morning grooming, things like wash my face, brush my teeth, and apply some moisturizer to my face. Later I do some quick exercise to stretch my body and relax my muscles, but before it, I should always play my music, it helps me boosting my mood.

After exercising, I go to the kitchen to make my breakfast. I usually make six tablespoon of instant oat, 2 tablespoon of powdered chocolate milk, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, and some sugar then soak it with hot water for about 5 minutes before I add some slices of fruit, maybe banana or apple for it’s topping. This is my usual breakfast but sometimes I can also go for some eggs with white rice or bread and chocolate milk.

I then grab my phone and check my social media, scrolling through the timeline to see what’s happening out there, what’s up with my friends and what the latest news while eating my breakfast. After breakfast, I do dishwashing and then I start to make my coffee. While brewing my favorite coffee, I turn on my laptop and leave it to completely boot.

Once my coffee is served, I go to my work station and start working. I usually check my email first to see if there’s any important email about my work, then I check my blog, my freelance job dashboard, and work on projects in progress, while some other days I brainstorm ideas about my writing content.

Well, I think that’s all about my morning routine, that’s usually the overall activity I do in the morning to start my day. For me it’s really important to set up a proper morning routine because morning time is crucial to your whole day, how you start your morning will affect your whole day to whether be good and productive or otherwise.

So how about you, what’s your morning routine?


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