Why do you live?

How long do you live? Have you found your purpose?

The journey of life is unique for each of everyone of us, we go to every page of our life with quite an excitement, some maybe with urge while other maybe with compulsion. But if we would draw a line to the very beginning of our life, the birth, none of us was born with a purpose written in a note about what should we do with our life ahead, about what is our mission, our purpose.

Well I think it’s not suppose to be written anyway from the very beginning. Our purpose of life, is something we should decide ourself, when we reach a certain point in life where we already have the knowledge and wisdom. Our parents might be wishing us lots of aspires when we were born, they wish us to become a, b, c or else, but after all it’s ours to decide, our purpose.

We grew up, we experienced a lot of things in life and we will experience even more. Those things, those experience, it build our mindset, paradigm, perspective, idea, principle and the combination of it all then lead to the purpose of life; what will we do, what will we become? We might also learn from other, observe what other people do, what other people succeeded in or what they failed in, learn from it and develop your own idea about what will you do in life, what will you reach, what will you become.

Life is a journey, our purpose is like a destination to go toward to. It is quite crucial I can say to have a destination or a goal in life. Something we aspire to be, something we want to have, a point we want to reach, it is important to have such things in life because without those things we will not know where exactly to head, what to do, it’s like flowing through the river without knowing where will the river bring you, it could be going somewhere bad or somewhere good.

There is no definite time of when will we find our purpose. Everyone has their own timeline and that’s the beauty of it. The journey to find our purpose is not a race, live your timeline, don’t compare it with other’s because your pace is different than their pace, and it is just fine, your don’t have to rush yourself to pursue them, again, it is not a race. Just focus on what you are doing, enjoy what you do while you try find your own purpose, and live the life you want to live.

So, have you found your purpose? Why do you live?


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