Thank You Is Underrated

People tend to ignore some good manner for small occasion, and I think saying thank you is one of them. As far as I can tell, a thank you gesture is the smallest form of appreciation we can give to people, it is also a way to show that we respect the people for anything given or done to us, and since it’s the smallest form, it seems to me that people tend to be blind of it even though it doesn’t take their time too much to throw that gesture to anyone that actually is impactful for them.

Firstly, we have to question why people tend to ignore saying thank you for the little things because it’s my belief that everything has a cause and effect factor. In my opinion, it is because those little things are too small in their eyes to see so that eventually it look like common things and don’t need to be appreciated, one of the popular objections in this case is “it has become their responsibility”. Yes, yes of course it is their responsibility, but if they do it well, serve you well, for your own safety, pleasure, or comfort, how much does it cost you that it feels so heavy just to throw a proper thank you.

Realizing that an effort regardless how small, is still an effort anyway, is something people lack of these days. For example someone take a taxi and when they arrive they just pass the money and leave in instant, and if you would ask why they don’t give any thanks, maybe their objection would, again, be “it has become their responsibility/job”. Not realizing that even if something is already someone’s job to do but if they do it well and properly, there’s nothing wrong to appreciate the effort, is something I hope could occur any less in society. To respect other people even for the smallest thing, is a way to show our class as a person.

However I am well aware that there are other reasons, which actually a little more plausible, why a thank you gesture is rather hard to mention by some people. Something like social anxiety or distraction often happen to be the reason why people forget to mention those two magic words when something is given or done to them. Social anxiety makes people shy to display any expression in public, including saying thank you, and this tends to be perceived as a lack of interpersonal skills, which is sad actually because this misunderstanding makes people with social anxiety feel bad for themselves. Distraction such as a phone call or being in rush might also be the reason people forget to say thank you, although actually if the really want to, they still can manage to say it.

I think being done something to when someone is in a collective crowd also makes them forget to say thank you. For example when a police officer stops the traffic to let someone and many other people cross the street, they might be like “ah let the other say thank you to the police, I don’ need to not everyone need to say thank you, one or two people saying it is enough representation of all”, but everyone think like that and eventually no one say thank you anyway. I mean if you are in a collective crowd and you feel like you need to mention gratitude to the officer, bus driver, tour guide, or anyone else, just throw it anyway, don’t wait for other people to mention it to represent everyone else.

Although I must admit that I’m actually one of those people, who sometimes forget to mention a proper thank you upon anything done or given to me. I used to be more ignorant and intentional, but now I’m trying to fix my manner to be way better, one of them is to express gratitude and appreciate people more as it should be. Social anxiety is also my problem, I have been struggling with it for over two years and it’s still difficult and uncomfortable for me to express such things but I’m striving my best to be better. That’s why I write this, so I can share my perspective and we can all learn to be more respectful.

I have a short story to show just how impactful a small thank you could be. So one night I was on a bus going back home, it wasn’t actually pretty late at night but since there has been a social distancing due to the pandemic, public transportation only carry a limited number of passengers, not many people on the bus that night. Long story short, I was the only last passenger on the bus as it headed toward its last stop. Due to being the only passenger left, I decided to say thank you to the bus driver because it’s not rarely happening when the bus is bustling, it’s gonna be kinda awkward to raise your voice to reach the driver’s hearing and saying thank you, the other passengers might stare cynically at you thinking you are overdoing. As I headed out of the bus, I thanked the bus driver and he instantly responded “your welcome sir, take care on your way.” See? I didn’t even expected him to respond, I just purely wanted to say thank you while I could, but the feedback was even more, he wished for my well-being on my way. His voice was warmful and polite, indicated that he was happy to receive such gratitude and appreciation. It was a simple exhilarating moment for me.

Despite the various reason why people tend to ignore such gratitude, my point in this writing is to raise awareness about just how important and impactful a thank you might be. I hope we can all express gratitude and appreciation to anyone that is impactful to us at any moment by saying thank you to them more often. This doesn’t cost us anything, but instead it depicts our class in society

Thank you for reading.


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